2008, August 5th

All right, finally this is it! A decent website! Unbelivable!

Seriously, I finally decided to buy my own .com domain and make a nicer website. More or less the contents are the same, althought I tried to enrich not only the graphic part. I hope you enjoy this, please let me know your opinon! Thereís a guestbook waiting for your insults! Some of you would probably complain because I have not realeased any new song since a long time. Yeah, shame on me! : (
I have actually been busy with a lot of stuff; I know that is not a good excuse, but I never forgot about the Sullenoid project. I will soon record some new songs and upload them here for everybody to hear. As regards the future, I am planning to go to a studio (not my own) to record a serious album. Thereís just a little issue... money. I guess every musician knows that. Anyway, just hope and wait, someday Iíll do it, I promise...


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