The bass I first felt I would have liked to play bass when I listened to Queen's Hot Space and The Game. John Deacon is still my favourite bass player. Maybe he's not a great virtuoso like some others, but - who cares - he's the best to me anyway. Nobody else made such geat big fat loud outstanding bass riffs. That's it. I have bought a cheap fretless Yamaha at the age of 15. I liked it because it had a beautiful natural satin finish and I liked the idea of having a fretless bass. A couple a of years ago I decided to put frets on it because I needed a fretted bass to play with Linea Bassa. I can guess what you're thinking, but don't blame me please... If I was rich enough to buy a serious bass, I would take a Warwick Streamer LX, one of those wonderful flamed maple red ones... Playing bass is not the meaning of my life, but it's great fun. I would like to play bass in a Jazz, Acid Jazz of Funky band just for fun. Secret dream? A jam session with Jamiroquai!
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