What is Sullenoid? Who or what is Sullenoid?

Sullenoid is not a band; it is basically a solo project. I hope you don't feel too disappointed because of this...
I have been looking for other musicians to play with for years, but at last I gave up and decided to do it on my own. It is not easy to find people who like to play death metal here in my city...
Even if I don't have a band I bring my music to you, thanks to my small home studio. I record all the guitars and bass and I create the midi drums and orchestra. I also do the female vocals. The male vocals are provided by my growling friends Ivan Strain and Francesco Bardaro.
On this site you may download my songs for free... I hope you enjoy listening to my music!
And hey... I am looking for a label, of course!

A little biography

I've been playing guitar alone in my room until the age 16, when I met Francesco Bardaro, Matteo Rugo and Ivan Strain. We called ourselves Hedonist, and played some kind of thrash/death metal. We played together for about 4 years. We made several live performances in our area. I had great fun those years. I played rythm and solo guitars; I also sang in some songs. We used to play songs we wrote. Unfortunately, the band split up in year 2000.

From 1999 to 2005 I have been the bass player in Linea Bassa. The music of LB is about indie rock. I also wrote some songs in italian for this band. We've been playing around in Italy, and we also had the chance to perform on a big stage beside famous artists.

In the last two years I've been playing guitar around with an acoustic cover band named "4Tunes". That was something really far from the music you will hear on this site... Anyway that was lots of fun. Why should I play only one genre? Music is like food to me. Would you eat the same dish every day, even if it is your favourite? :)

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