The guitar My very first experience with music was taking piano lessons, when I was just a child. After some years I realized I did't (and I still don't) like a didactic approach to music, so I quit taking lessons. About the year of ten I started to listen to pop music and buy records. That's when I began to feel attracted by guitar playing. I had a small classic guitar at home, so I took it out of the closet to make my first experiments with it. I didn't even know how to tune a guitar, so I tuned it the way it sounded best to me, and tried to play something. I didn't know about picks too, and I used up my little fingers till they hurt. I was so deep into pop music that I started writing songs of my own. As you probably would guess, the first trials were quite ridiculos, but fortunately things got better thru the years. A couple of years later, some good fellow told me the truth about how to tune a guitar, so I had to start it all again. Anyway nobody told me how to play chords, so I found 'em out all on my own. Some years later, someonelse told me how each different chord was called, but at that time I was already good enough to play songs with my guitar and I had already written several songs of my own. At high school someone made me listen to hard rock and metal music. At first I was not really delighted by that kind of music, but little by little I started to appreciate it. Bit by bit I really fell in love with it, and I bought my first electric guitar, an american Fender Stratocaster. At that time I was most into old hard rock bands. As years went by, I was more and more into heavy metal. The heavier it was, the more I liked it, and I started to wish for a "metal guitar". I did really love my Fender, but I felt kind of uneasy playing Carcass and Death with it. At the year of 23 I finally bought my dream guitar, the Jackson Kelly. Unfortunately I did not have enough money to buy an original american Jackson, so I bought a korean one. I know it's not the same, and I plan to buy an original one someday... Anyway I am really happy with this guitar, because it perfectly fits my music. I actually record every song of mine with it now. Lately I've been getting deep into acoustic guitars; I bought me a beautiful Yamaha APX-10A, which is an electric acoustic. The latest guitar I bought is a Cort Earth 202, which is a big dreadnought with an amazing sound. Secret dream? I hope that someday Peter TÃĪgtgren will call me to play guitar with Hypocrisy.
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