Sullenoid's home studio Preface

I record everything with my pc at home. My audio card is a Maxi Studio Isis Guillemot (old but still smart as concerns sound quality). I have a 2,4 Ghz processor and 512 Mb RAM. My beloved audio software is Cubase VST.


Electric guitars

I own a Line 6 Pod Pro. I turn the cab emulator on and connect the line out plugs of the Pod directly to the line is plugs of my sound card's external rack.

Acoustic/classical guitars

I use a condenser mic (Rode NT1-A) connected to my tiny mixing console (Behringer Eurorack UB802). Mixer line outs connect to audio card's line ins.


Same as acoustic guitars, but I place an antipop shield in front of the mic.


I often use the guitar Pod to record the bass. Of course, a bass Pod would be a lot better, but I don't have money to spend on both. I often reinforce the sound with a midi bass, played thru Spectrasonic Trilogy (this plug in does KICK ASS).


Do I record drums in my room? Of course not! Drums are completly sampled. I write the midi parts in Cubase and then I play them thru Halion (Steinberg sampler plug in).

Orchestra and other instruments

That's all midi. I write the parts with the Cubase midi editor, and then I use Edirol Orchestral to play violins, violas, flutes, etc. To play the piano parts I use a set of Steinway samples loaded into Halion.

Mixing and mastering

Both are done with Cubase. Of course I have a lot of plug-ins for equalization and effects. Hint:

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