The amps Guitar amps

I have a Laney Tube Fusion 800 and a 12x4 Marshall cab with Celestion a loudspeakers. It's not bad for live performances, but I'd rather buy Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier now. Yeah, that would be all right, a Triple rectifier and a 7 string guitar. That would kick ass! Anyway I am seriously delighted by my Line 6 Pod Pro. I record everything with it, the sound is amazing. Great job, you Line 6 engineers!

Bass amps

No words can describe the beauty of my 350 Watt bass amp. Valve/solid state preamp section, 12 band graphic EQ, switchable pre-shape curve, noise reduction, dual compressor, electro-luminescent front panel and more... Trace Elliot is THE serious choice. No, I don't get paid to say this! I really LOVE IT!

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