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Dust Is What Remains
Words: C. Chermaz
Music: C. Chermaz, M. Rugo, F. Bardaro

Sittin' on the cold floor, my arms around my knees
Breathin' hardly in the smoke, how did I get to this?
Iron bars keep me away from the world
It would be so easy to open this cell
If I only knew where the key lies

Handcuffs on my hands, cold steel around my skin
Lust for life, fear of death, there's nothing I can do
Sacrifice myself in the name of a ghost
Beaten to blood but there ain't no rebellion
I guess it's my fault, I have chosen this
I miss

Just like fire
Time is burning me
And now
Dust is what remains

Hear now my call from the dephts of hell
I am grieving
I can't tell the cold of my prison cell
I'll be screaming

Is there any wish is left for me?
What am I allowed to say?
Every word is like a slash on my back
I cannot defend myself I cannot attack
Can't you see it in my eyes? Lust for freedom
Every moment is a curse to the past
Every dream dies in a teardrop on my face
I face

Just like fire
Time is burning me
And now
Dust is what remains

And I see
What will be
In this humble world
Of stone and steel

If there's some mercy in the sky
Surely it ain't there for me
And life day by day goes by
And I don't know where I'll be
Not here
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