Black Snow

Dust Is What Remains

The Season To Come


In The Hands Of Morpheus

Darken My Day

In The Hands Of Morpheus
Words: C. Chermaz
Music: C. Chermaz

In the silence of my mind
Just fragments of images
Coming suddendly from the past
Like bubbles in boiling water
Trying hard to keep me awake
Uncounsciousness is taking over
But my will is gonna be stronger
Than that of Morpheus

I see smoke rise with its sensual dance
From my unsmoked cigarette
Playing its role in the grat scenery
Of the show of this uncanny world

I fall asleep to the sound of the see
When I wake up there's dew in my hands
And I damn the morning for I realise
That what I lived the night was just a dream
But the magic of life goes on
If you want it to be
By your side

Playing pool within my mind
Coloured balls a rolling slowly
Rolling and bouncing on the edge
I'm trying to make my score
Mist is floating in the room
It's the smoke from my cigarette
And my beer says it all
It's a show of this scary world

I look inside of my glass and I see
A twisted world all painted red
And I wonder after all
How come it be they call it bitter
When it's so sweet
The taste it leaves in your mouth

There's my unsmoked cigarette
We're in the hands of Morpheus
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